Society is a mess, politics is a mess, love, work and family are a mess… the world is a mess! So what, it is well known that a genius can handle a mess – and humans are the greatest genii?! Everything is linked together, and nothing is without effect – on purpose.

  • What is mess, how do we create and consider mess and chaos?
  • How are different mess crosslinked?
  • And – what is the potential of mess and especially of cross mess?


You can apply art works, of any genre, that deal with the topic of cross mess. Please send us a short text about you, your work with description and measurements all in one pdf to art@raum-schiff.at (web resolution).

OPEN CALL deadline 2th of dezember 2016

Exhibition: 16.12 – 22.01.2017 , RAUMSCHIFF, Pfarrplatz 18

Complementary litarature: https://le-bohemien.net/2016/06/28/postmoderne-wenn-nichts-mehr-so-richtig-klar-ist/

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