Open Call Projects @ Artist Run Data Center is a cultural network-based initiative in Linz, Austria. One of the main objectives of in running its own data center is to implement the ideas of a „free society“ in a daily practice of cultural and artistic production dealing with technology and ultimately to develop a network of trust.

With our Open Call for a Virtual Residency we want to encourage
artists, hacktivists and cultural producers to use this opportunity
for developing projects, artworks, software for sharing within a
trusted community.

All projects must grant the freedom to run, copy, distribute, study,
change and improve the software.

* developing Free Software for artistic production
* developing artistic Community Tools
* developing artistic Software projects
* projects which reflect on or research the post-digital dilemma
* projects which explore the nature of information
* experiments

We will be able to support two projects, whereby each is funded with
1.000 Euros.

Apply for the residency.
Send us a download link with your proposal which presents your idea
(3000 to max 6000 characters)
Please include and think about a realistic time management!

After being selected you should be able to present your project in
Linz at the end of November.

What you should know:
How to handle your own virtual server. You should be able to operate
your own GNU/Linux server and know how to handle tools like OpenVPN.

What you get:

* Root access to a virtual machine

* Email addresses (we don’t accept any commercial “free” email
address for communication within this context). You will be
subscribed to the servus-vps mailinglist (low traffic – only
announcements of planned downtimes)

* 100Mbit/s Connectivity over ACOnet (ACOnet is the Austrian
Academic Computer Network  for science, research, education and culture)

Deadline for your submission: 5th of July

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