‚SCULPTURE PARKS‘ residences!


‚SCULPTURE PARKS‘ residences!

Category: Art Residence
Submission deadline: March 15, 2010
Number of residences: 3
Residences’ period: April 19 – May 9, 2010 (3 weeks)
Locations/Organizers: SALTO/NIMk (Amsterdam), Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design (Budapest) and ORANGE 94.0 (Vienna).


‚BROADCAST MEDIA SCULPTURES‘, a project co-funded by the European Union Culture Programme and AFK, offers three art residences, based in the cities of Amsterdam, Budapest and Vienna, each of them 3-weeks long and organized respectively by SALTO/NIMk, Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design and ORANGE 94.0.
The artworks developed during this residency will be a part of the mixed media intervention called ‚SCULPTURE PARKS‘, which will take place in parallel at the participating cities of Vienna, Amsterdam and Budapest, in May 2010.

‚SCULPTURE PARKS‘ aims to artistically reflect and investigate upon new forms of “storytelling” in media, using disciplinary and experimental approaches. Related core themes are: mass media, broadcasting and new forms of audience interaction with media and arts.
The projects of the participant should be technology-based, preferably mixing old and digital, networked and interactive media. The stage for artistic interventions should not be limited to accessible, „real“ places. Broadcasting waves, augmented environments (mixed reality) and online virtual worlds should preferably serve as venue and playground.

Artists, interaction designers, researchers, cultural facilitators, broadcasters, hackers, based in Europe, whose artistic practices lie on the fields of performative, interactive art, media, storytelling, film, video, augmented environments, sound art, are welcome to submit their projects currently under construction. Each location has specific preferences and provides different infrastructures and media platforms to intervene in. Please find detail information below.

An artistic intervention, installation, presentation, perfomance online/offline, in real, virtual and mixed worlds and/or broadcasting spaces.


Preferred formats: TV, Radio, Video, Networked and /or Interactive Media, and Augmented reality.
Infrastructures: SALTO can provide radio and tv broadcasting air time and related infrastructures.

Preferred formats: focus on the innovative use of augmented reality as a piece of art.
Infrastructures: broadcasting air time and related infrastructures.

Preferred formats: sound installations and experimental use of radio in public spaces, unusual formatting.
Infrastructures: studio time and flexible broadcasting arrangements at the radio station.

Travel, accommodation and a fee provided. (only within European territory)

March 15th, 2010


Send the application to the city of your choice:

Vienna: Doris Miyung Brady [brady@o94.at]
Amsterdam: Elena Perez [Elena@salto.nl]
Budapest: Maxim Bakos [maxim@momeline.hu]

Vienna, ORANGE 94.0 – Verein Freies Radio Wien
Amsterdam, SALTO Amsterdam Broadcasting Organisation / NIMk


Radio ORANGE 94.0
Based in Vienna, ORANGE 94.0 is a non-commercial Radio Station that provides air space for different groups and the dissemination of information and styles which are not heard in the main stream media. It opens up radio access to the general public by spreading media competence and technical know-how and by promoting the artistic use of the medium of radio. ORANGE 94.0 encourages freedom of expression und therefore creates a pluralistic form of media. Our programmes are broadcasted in Vienna on 94.0 FM and streamed on the Internet http://www.o94.at 24 hours a day.

Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design
For 127 years, Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design has been a foundation for future-oriented thinking. One of the first to be established in Europe, this intellectual workshop undertook and fulfilled the task of visualizing and developing object, image and spatial design as well as fostering visual culture, an important medium and tool in shaping the quality of human existence. MOME views itself as a place where thought, creation and action, artistic and scientific articulation, dialogue and critical expression are natural demands. It emphasizes the importance of preserving tradition, cultivating artistic areas developed in the past as well as developing design-based and visual artistic thinking. We are convinced that practice and theory can be reconciled in the creative process. We believe in the coexistence of applied and autonomous ideas and stress the importance of communicating with the outside world. An art university should always possess and express a critical point of view, navigating wisely in the sea of conflicts and contradictions.

SALTO Omroep Amsterdam
SALTO Omroep Amsterdam is an independent public broadcasting corporation open to all Amsterdam residents. Their aim is to reflect what is happening in the city and to be a forum for all its residents: approachable, and as diverse as Amsterdam itself. At the moment they operate six radio channels and three TV channels.
Netherlands Media Art Institute
The Netherlands Media Art Institute (NIMk) promotes the wide development, application and distribution of, and reflection on new technologies in the visual arts. The Netherlands Media Art Institute supports media art in three core areas: presentation, research and collection, and through its facilities provides extensive services for artists and art institutions.

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