CALL: D.I.Y. (queer-)feminist festival Vienna 6-9 June 2013

We would like to invite you to participate in our self-organized D.I.Y. queer*_feminist super cool  festival of awesomeness against Western bias
The idea to organize a queer_feminist festival originated among a small group of migrants* from this imaginary place called (South)Eastern Europe, looking for a space where they could engage in a critique of the hegemony of Western queer_feminist concepts and focus on self-representation, empowerment and networking. Since then, people from many different contexts and backgrounds agreed to work together to organize the festival. Our mutual goal is to bring together activists, artists, performers and (other) interested people from various feminist and LGBTIAQQ**- spaces and regions out of (South)Eastern contexts. Literally, we want to create a space for debating and examining representations, differences and imbedded power-relations.

This non-commercial, self-organized D.I.Y festival will be held from June 6-9, 2013 in Vienna. Probably, maybe, presumably @ Boku, tüwi – info tbc

For any questions and submissions:

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