BECC Europe-wide staff exchange programme

The fourth round of the Bridge Between European Cultural Centres
(BECC) has been launched now.

BECC is the Europe-wide staff exchange programme of the ENCC. It aims
at enabling locally based cultural workers to go abroad for a short
stay with a cultural organisation in another country to exchange good
practices, acquire new skills and knowledge and build long-term

Every staff member of a cultural centre can participate – no matter
if manager, professional, technician, artist, project coordinator,
trainee or volunteer.

Since the BECC started in 2009 more than 40 organisations from 16
countries have participated in the programme sending and receiving 68
exchanges and creating an informal network of centres interested in
exchanging with each other. You can check the profiles of last year
participating centres here <>

Practical information:

The BECC 2012 will consists of a preparation seminar taking place in
Helsinki from the 14th to the 16th of June and the exchange of 20
cultural professionals from all over Europe from July to December.
The preparation seminar would also give you the opportunity to
participate in the ENCC 2012 Project Fair. For more information
regarding this event please click here

There is a participation fee of 200 EUR for the exchange programme
and every participating centre should be able to provide
accommodation for the exchangee that will visit their organisation.
All the rest of the expenses, including travel costs, accommodation
and meals during the preparation seminar in Helsinki and the travel
costs (but not the meals) of the exchange, will be covered by the

If you are interested in participating please fill in the following

online expression of interest form

Deadline for applications is the 7th of May!

If you have any question please contact us at:

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