26.10.2019, 11:00 Uhr - 26.10.2019, 18:30 Uhr (ics/ical Kalender Download) Clubraum

A field trip to the production facilities of the cloud

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Contribution: 10 Euro (incl. transport and food)
Number of participants: 20
Language: English
Please bring sturdy shoes and warm clothes
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The field trip takes place on the Austrian National Day and will take us to different production stages of the cloud, a global network of servers. Water plays an essential role in the formation of meteorological clouds and “data clouds”. We will approach clouds in their different stages – before, after and in the middle of their formation. Therefore we visit locations in the area around Linz. For the observation of these clouds, the software engineer interaction designer and gender/bio hacker Beka Iglesias will present different DIY sampling methods usually applied to test pollution levels in rivers.

The guided tour is organized by and is part of this year’s AMRO Research Lab, in which Christina Gruber, Antonio Zingaro and Davide Bevilacqua deal with the physical interweaving of internet infrastructure and natural environments. We are working on “greenwashed” environmental-friendly propaganda used by corporations to augment profits and on the ways one could re-think the balance between energy production (from natural sources) and landscape exploitation of the digital infrastructure.


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