14.2.2017, 18:00 Uhr - 23.2.2017, 17:00 Uhr (ics/ical Kalender Download)

Eve & Eve, Evoking Phantoms Of Paradise

Andrea Maria Handler / Ludmiła Kaczmarek / Gaja Karolczak / Karol Kensee / Martyna Lorenc

15–23/02 2017

14/02 2017 19h

14/02 2017 20h

The performance artists Andrea Maria Handler and Martyna Lorenc, dance writer and art historian Gaja Karolczak, sculptor and animator Ludmiła Kaczmarek and musician Karol Kensee teamed up for a collaborative project aimed at investigating the tangency of sensation and imagination as a place of the interweaving of what’s present and what’s apparent to our senses. The initial idea for this exhibition and performance originates from a former research project intersecting neuroscience and somatic movement practices on the topic of phantomic sensations and referring to lost, no longer present perceptions, that was carried out within the VARP Artist Residency Program 2013 of the International Visegrad Fund by Karolczak, Lorenc and Maria Zimpel.

As a place for an inquiry into primitive carnal curiosities, sensory evoked imagery and fluent body-schemes, GARDEN OF DESIRES deals with live manifestations of sensation and imagery revealing processesin a performative setting. The attention persistent in this space becomes a perceivable matter itself; the practice of active noticing and constant alertness to change belong to its main properties. Attentional processes moderate the volumes of time and space units either directing the bodies into ballistic motion or expanding the continuously renewing space for peculiarity and detail. Skillful attention, when applied to touch, can give rise to potential contents anchored in a body such as imagery, memory, movement, situations, words or poetic narratives. GARDEN OF DESIRES is a place and a state for these entities to grow and be harvested.

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