Basalt / Oriental Jazz-Rock Fusion

11.7.2020, 20:00 Uhr - 19.5.2022, 17:44 Uhr (ics/ical Kalender Download)
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Milan Conic(Key)
Amjad Khaboura(Gitarre)
ALmonther Alshoufi Alshoufi (Bass)
Elias Alakhras (Oud)
Viviane Töbich (Gesang)
Hermann Erber (Drums)
Basalt is a dark, volcanic rock, which is millions of years old and considered to be the first component of our earth crust. The music of Basalt represents different soundscapes and musical genres due to the influences the musicans are carrying with them. Heavy riffs meet oriental melofies and spherical sounds.
Basalt tells a story and sends you on a journey of emotions.
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