Achronon im Schlot

14.4.2018, 18:00 Uhr - 2.7.2022, 10:17 Uhr (ics/ical Kalender Download)
Kulturverein Schlot

“It is worthwhile to step out of time from time to time.”
J. Gebser

Our music could be described as an exploration of the space of possibilities present within the boundaries of our electroacoustic live set. We envision a musical experience out of which can emerge a live performance entirely grounded in improvisation. Achronon is art-work in progress – a space where diversity interacts and interaction becomes. This is the first step toward that vision. And we are very excited to see where it goes – and what will be-come!

Our spectrum:
Marimba / Guitar / Synth / Beat Sequencer / Hang / Percussion / Flute / …


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