Art Curator

Assumes responsibility for directing the daily operations of the gallery as well as curating and presenting regional and national exhibitions which promote the mission of the gallery. The position is multi-faceted as it involves overseeing many different aspects

Ihre Aufgaben

  • Create and nurture partnerships with other institutions, artists and collectors.
  • Creating and nurturing a network of art collectors, galleries abroad and other potential clients.
  • Looking for works of art by attending events and actions and galleries and exhibitions or by sourcing works of art directly from clients on their collections. This might need travel to other cities or even to other countries.
  • Organizing exhibitions and working with all the actors involved in the project: the artists, exhibition designer, conservator, registrar, partner institutions, etc.
  • Ensuring the installation of the works of arts in the exhibition space, Arranging for their transport and storage, Arranging for loans with other art galleries, Managing inventory
  • While not being their main activity, she/he also works on marketing projects to promote their institutions events: selecting pictures for both online and offline displays for instance.
  • Searching and networking and looking and advising to acquire work of arts: art collectors, galleries or museums and assess the market value or work of Artis and study and anticipate market trends. This obviously involves negotiating prices and delivery.
  • Appraise the quality and value of work of arts in order to spot potential emerging artists.
  • keep up with trends of the markets, by following salkes from the major acution houses, visiting museums and galleries and reading art journals.
  • PR and communication which involves providing information to jeep the website and social media account updated with all the activities and changes and arranging press release. Providing information to the visitors.
  • Networking with art collectors and artists. Updating the gallerys website and social media accounts. Arranging writing press releases
  • Managing and arranging art critic events for general public and more specialized audiences and publish the articles in media, magazines, academic journals and art blogs afterward.
  • Arranging and managing auctions for online as well as offline which includes but not limited to selecting artist, artworks, location and preparing a updated catalogue referring all the works of art for sale, managing the event and transport, insurance and after sales arrangement and entails potential buyers ad well as networking with appraisers and collectors to find business opportunities.
  • Negotiating sales with clients, Planning and management for art sales both online and offline
  • Hiring and managing volunteers, Staffing the gallery, Setting deadlines

*This job description of the job is for identification and administrative purposes only. It is not intended to be a complete statement of all duties, which may be assigned by the supervisor according to varying needs.

Sie bringen mit

  • In-dept knowledge in contemporary art and specialist expertise in art history.
    fundamental knowledge of marketing concept
  • Minimum 4 years of related work experience in art gallery of museum or known auction house.
  • Management skills to oversee the gallerys budget, dispatch tasks to the gallery staff, train interns and volunteers, plan schedules and set deadlines, etc
    build working relationship with artist, potential clients, funding bodies, etc
  • graduate degree in arts management, art business, museum studies or arts administration are preferred.
  • Fluent in German and English language.

Informationen zu Bewerbung und Gehalt

We point out that the monthly gross salary depends on training and experience, but at least is 2,968.50 (14 times a year).

Please send your CV to Sarah Firouzabadi –

Bei dem angegebenen Gehalt handelt es sich um ein Brutto-Monatsgehalt.

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